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MASTERDISC ( Master Sinar Sejahtera )
MASTERDISC ( Master Sinar Sejahtera )
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MASTERDISC ( Master Sinar Sejahtera )



Do you NEED CD AND DVD FAST ? ? ? software, music, or marketing material replicated in bulk or a retail ready package, or do you want a business promotional product such as a CD DVD Promotion?

We can do all that and more! With high quality printing and packaging, helpful service, and competitive pricing.
MASTERDISC is your source for cheap CD-DVD replication, Sharp and brilliant color CD-DVD Printing and Packaging Disc Solution.

Established in 1999. We are The 1st Premium Quality Replication Disc Industry In Jakarta Indonesia so we are
The Master Of Disc Replication :
* 1ST Premium Original Replication CD and DVD *
* Premium Quality Injection& Printing CD-DVD *
* 13 years experience in Replication Industry *
* SID IFPI codes at Disc and Stamp *
* International Premium Quality *
* 100% Warranty Factory *
* Competitive Price *

Please call us today. Satisfaction is guaranteed.
MASTERDISC Trusted Since 1999
( Master Sinar Sejahtera ) :
Jl.Sukajaya I No.1 Jakarta 11460
Phone : ( 021) 99200700 Fax : ( 021) 5649916
Mobile : 087878700700

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